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May 26, 2011
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Perry Stone


Perry Stone is a fourth-generation "minister," and the director of Voice of Evangelism,[1] whose purpose is to "reach the world with the [so-called] Gospel of Christ through revivals, television, audio/video media, printed material and missionary sponsorship."[2]

Perry Stone claims to be a prophet who sees visions from God. He claims that he has supposedly prophesied of various events accurately before they came to pass, a few of which include "Governor Bush becoming President; the 9-11 vision of the towers, and more recently the Oil Rig off the coast of Louisiana."[3] He testifies that he receives such visitations from the Lord Himself: "During every visitation I have at some point shared with you what I have seen, long before it came to pass, which gave credence that the word was from the Lord."[4]

Perry Stone teaches that tongues are the evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He is a charismatic and his Voice of Evangelism ministry subscribes to the statement of faith of the "Church of God" denomination, which states, "We speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance and that it is the initial evidence of the baptism in the Holy Ghost."[5]

Perry Stone is a heretic. He teaches that a person can receive physical healing and have their sins removed by taking communion.

"Sinner's Prayer" Gospel & Evangelism

It is entirely ironic that a ministry that claims to be and is called a "voice of evangelism" actually embraces the very method of evangelism that is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, problems plaguing Christendom in America today.

Perry Stone propagates the sinner's prayer which, without dealing personally with souls, gives false hope and assurance to millions of readers, on his Voice of Evangelism website. Under the "Contact Us" header on the VOE website is a link entitled, "How to be Saved," where readers are led through a prayer and at the end are promised, "Congratulations!...I welcome you as a new believer into God's family!"[6] It is entirely ironic that a ministry that claims to be and is called a "voice of evangelism" actually embraces the very method of evangelism that is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, problems plaguing Christendom in America today. The sinner's prayer and it's corresponding method of evangelism was never used by any of God's prophets, apostles, or disciples and is found nowhere in the Bible. It is a relatively recent development and has contributed to the false hope and assurance of millions who are led to believe they are saved and bound for Heaven when in reality are merely deceived, not saved, and on their way to Hell, never having been properly and biblically counseled about such matters.

Perry Stone Embraces Necromancy

Both Perry Stone and his father, Perry Fred Stone, Sr. (1933-2011), embrace necromancy. On one of the episodes of Perry Stone's "Manna-fest" television program, entitled, "Supernatural Encounters in the Last Days,"[7] his father discussed how the spirit of Al Collins, one of his friends who had died, visited him and told him that he was sent by God to tell him that God had called him to preach. Fred Stone discussed how he was caught up "out in the universe somewhere," where he saw "beautiful sapphire blue" and "a ball of light and fire" out of which the spirit of Al Collins met him. Fred also discussed how he was, like Paul the apostle in 2Cor. 12:3, caught up into Heaven, where he opened one of the many giant books which he saw, entitled, "The Mighty Acts and Words of Jesus." He said he was able to read the contents of the book, and claimed that these writings were connected to what John wrote in John 21:25 regarding how many of the things Jesus did were left unwritten. He then went on to suggest that preachers like his son, Perry Stone, sometimes are inspired by the Holy Spirit and unknowingly preach messages that are found in these celestial books. Click here to view the corresponding transcript.

Weighing these claims in light of God's Word

The above claims are found absolutely horrendous and heretical when examined under the scrutiny of Holy Scripture.

  • God in His law has explicitly condemned and forbidden His people from participating in necromancy—communicating with the dead or with the spirit world—and has declared it to be an abomination (Deut. 18:10-12; Lev. 19:31). An abomination is that which is detestable, vile, and shameful, something that arouses intense hatred coupled with disgust, and is abhorred or loathed by God. As we can see, this is a very serious matter.
  • By his own confession, necromancy is the foundation of Fred Stone's "calling" to preach and his subsequent ministry is an abomination strictly condemned by God; and therefore, it can without a doubt be said that this man and his teaching is very dangerous and was never called by God to preach.
  • Because Perry Stone openly embraced, agreed with, and approved of—not to mention milked, probably for higher ratings and credibility—these aberrant claims, he shares in the sin and guilt of his father, having promoted such a blasphemous and wicked ministry (1Tim. 5:22; 2John 1:10-11).
  • When the apostle Paul described how he (referring to himself in the third person) was caught up into paradise, he also said that he was unable to describe his encounter (2Cor. 12:4). This lies in direct contradiction to Fred Stone's claims of having been caught up into Heaven as well. If this man was able to describe his encounter (which both he and his son Perry did on that episode), and the apostle Paul was not permitted to, then either Fred Stone is greater than Paul or a dangerously misleading fraud.
  • Perry Stone is a Heretic who Prostitutes the Lord's Table

    Perry Stone has the audacity to market the Lord's Table. Yes, you read that right—he actually sells a "communion-kit" on his website.[8] He also wrote the book "The Meal that Heals," in which he emphasizes the need and benefit of taking communion daily. Why? Because, according to him, you can be healed physically and even have your sins removed by doing so. This is heresy; the book contains dangerous and unbiblical teaching. In the book and on his Manna-fest television program, Perry Stone is quoted as follows:

    "Through receiving daily communion, it is possible for a person to receive the three-fold atoning work that Jesus did on the cross. It includes: physical healing of the body; the healing, of course, of the human spirit, removing of sin and the iniquity that's in a person's life; but also the healing of the emotions and the soul and the mind. So, the atoning work of Jesus was body, soul, and spirit. And we talk about how that, by receiving the Lord's supper, you can actually receive healing in every area of your life." ~ Perry Stone[9]

    "Perry believes this revelation of daily Communion has been lost in the traditional church, but is being revived in this final hour as the ultimate New Covenant weapon to attack sickness and bring healing in the lives of Christians! This is not just another message, but a life-changing spiritual revelation of God's healing covenant through the bread and the fruit of the vine." ~ VOE overview of Perry's book The Meal that Heals[10]

    Weighing these claims in light of God's Word

    This teaching is foreign and contrary to Scripture, and amounts to heresy.

  • The concept of a "three-fold atoning work of Christ," that it involves body, soul, and spirit, and that it involves physical healing is found nowhere in Scripture. Mankind's fundamental problem, and one affecting eternity, is sin, not physical sickness or disease. The Bible teaches that Christ's work on the cross atoned for our sins, that it was the means through which the Son of God took upon Himself the sins of His people in order to receive, on their behalf, the due punishment under which He was crushed by God's wrath and justice (Isa. 53:10-12). The cleansing and healing which the atonement accomplishes is exclusively of a spiritual nature, corresponding with the washing and healing from sin, whether or not we get healed physically at all (consider Lazarus in Luke 16:20-22).
  • Perry's teaching regarding communion is more in tune with Roman Catholicism than anything else. God's people are cleansed solely "by His wounds" (1Pet. 2:4), not by any act or performance on our part; and they are declared righteous by faith alone, apart from works (Rom. 3:28). Perry's teaching that sin can be removed through partaking of communion is actually heresy and works-based religion. If our sins can be removed by participating in communion or anything else, then Christ died in vain (Gal. 2:21).
  • There is no mandate or even a hint in the Bible regarding Christians attacking physical sickness. There is no "healing covenant" associated with communion or with anything else in Scripture for that matter. If Perry Stone truly believed this "revelation" has been lost, and if it is so crucial like he claims, then why on earth does he withhold this information from people until they pay him first?
  • Transcript: Perry Stone and Necromancy

    To view the corresponding video click here

    Perry and Fred Stone on Manna-fest, "Supernatural Encounters in the Last Days"
    Perry Stone:
    What happened when you were called to preach, now? I want to go to that.

    Fred Stone:
    When I was there, this little cabin, Perry, that me and my dad had built. Dad had helped me in West Virginia, up in a lease area, out in Creek Cold company. And I was up there praying and seeking the face of God. And Al Collins, while I was praying, I heard footsteps; it was in the fall and there was leaves about four, five, six inches high. And I heard two or three steps behind the cabin—I'm sitting just like I am now. And I turned and looked around and bent my head like this, and before I could see anybody, a hand reached through—the right hand of a man—reached through the side of the cabin and touched me on the head. I thought it was an angel of the Lord; but actually, the spirit man of Al Collins had touched me, you know what I mean? And spoke to me about what God wanted me to know, and that the Lord wanted me to know this and that and the other. And, of course, I was so overcome by the Spirit that it probably took me an hour after this experience for it to just kind of wear off.

    You know, Perry, supernatural experiences with God usually stay with people forever. They stay with you all your life. Now, they're not as fresh, and they're not as great upon your spirit man as they were for the first two or three years or something; but they'll be there forever.

    Perry Stone:
    I remember when you told me—I mean, I've heard you tell that, actually, for years about how that you actually, when that hand touched you, you collapsed and thought you had a heart attack and came out of your body. Paul talked about in 2 Corinthians 12, "...whether in the body or out of the body, I cannot tell, God knows, such a one was caught up into the third heaven..." And so, there are experiences where it's either a vision, or it actually is happening. And you went out, like, being sucked out into the universe somewhere, where you ended up, where it was a beautiful sapphire blue, and you described what happened there. You said that you saw a ball of light that looked like the size of a silver dollar, is that right? And Al stepped out of that, and pointed his finger at you, right?

    It was moving, Perry, it was so far in the universe I couldn't estimate how far it was. And it was moving with the speed of a, it was like a lightning bolt. It was coming toward me so fast. But when it got from the size of my fist to the size of a person, but it was a ball of fire—a ball of light would be better, light and fire. And when it got so far from me, it just stopped moving, and the light just vanished and there stood Al Collins.

    And this is the friend that had passed away?

    Yeah, that's correct.

    You're out in the universe somewhere, though? I mean, way out, on the edge of eternity...

    And when he put his right hand out toward me, God let him speak to me.

    And he said what?

    And he didn't waste any time, Perry. See, I wanted to ask him questions. What it was like, Al, what was it like to die? What was this and that? That's what was on my mind, because we were these good friends. But I wasn't permitted to do that. He looked me and put his hand out and he said, "Fred, God has sent me, God has sent me to tell you..." Excuse me, Perry. "...God has sent me to tell you that you're called to preach. He's called you to preach. And you must preach, you must go and you must preach and you must obey me." And when he said that, the power of God came on me, Perry, and I couldn't answer him. I couldn't do nothing, I just trembled. I just shook under the power of God.

    And then, but you came back to yourself in that cabin.

    And one time he started to leave, and then something stopped him, and he told me he wasn't finished. And he turned around and said it the second time, said the same thing.


    That let me know it was Al Collins. It was the soul of Al Collins.

    Now, you had an experience, too, where you went, you saw into Heaven, and you saw books in Heaven, and that actually had photographs in them, or what looked like photographs, of the ministry of Jesus. Do you remember, can you remember that? So tell what happened though, that's what's interesting.

    Perry, I walked into this, I was praying and just carried out in the spirit, and I walked in...

    Now explain that for people that don't understand. When you say, "carried out," what happens?

    Well, the Holy Ghost just come on me so great, the Spirit of God moves on you so great, that He can do what He wants to do. He can show you anything He wants to show you. So while in the spirit man, I was on my knees in prayer, but in the spirit, my inner man walked into this great library.

    Literally, you saw this?

    Yeah, into this great library. And, Perry, it had books the size, the width of them was about like this, they were about this high.

    Was it about three, three and a half, three feet, maybe? Three feet?

    Yeah, three feet, they were. And one of them was called, "The Mighty Acts and Words of Jesus." And then there was another book there about Jesus, but I felt led to look at "The Mighty Acts and Words of Jesus." So I pulled it out, laid it in this table, it was a table with just, the most beautiful glistening white cover. And I laid it down, and when I opened the book, on the page it said, I opened the title page and it said, "The Mighty Acts and Words of Jesus." And I thought, "Well, I've never seen that book." So I started opening it up, and as I did, there was great pages of His preaching.

    So, you could read it, and see it?

    Oh, yeah, yeah.

    So, what do you think it was, Dad? Do you think it was the Holy Spirit, while Jesus was on earth, actually captured, somehow, for people to see one day, everything that He did?

    Well, you know, look what John said, he said, "There are many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself..." John 21.

    Wow. Right. So what did you see?

    Oh, it was like, the Sermon on the Mount; instead of just Matthew 5, 6, 7, it was other preaching that He did, that was with that.

    Wow. Now, in other words, when the Bible says, "Every word man gives an account of on that day," He literally has words, apparently, in books or something...

    So the Holy Ghost put in the Bible what He wanted us to actually see and read of the words of Jesus. But Perry, there are, there could be millions of words of Christ and sermons of His. Just like with yourself, there's been times when you'd start preaching in your meetings, that I would marvel because I knew what you were saying was not all notes. You weren't quoting from notes. And I believe, Perry, that that's where alot of preachers get so inspired today, that God just pulls some of the preaching of Jesus that's not in the books of the New Testament and just puts it in their mouth, and they preach it, and people are saying, "Where in the world did that come from? I never heard that before."


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    Unless otherwise noted, any Scripture quotations are taken from the New American Standard Bible.

    Comments (10)

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    David Emery
    Thank you for this breakdown because I watched one of his end times videos and wanted to check his validity and I have to believe that if he is wrong in dogma and basic theology, then God wouldn't allow him to discern the Scriptures on the end times. Keep up the good fight, brother!
    3:22 PM 02/08/14
    All that I can say is that American Christians are not spiritual, all that they know is quoting bible verses! What is wrong with Fred spiritual visitation?
    8:28 PM 12/13/13
    In Matthew 4, the only thing Jesus did when confronting Satan was quote Bible verses.

    What is wrong with Fred's spiritual visitation? Fred claims to have spoken with the spirit of his deceased friend. The Bible forbids communication with the dead. It is called necromancy and is deemed an abomination to the Lord. Also, when the apostle Paul visited Heaven, he was unable to speak about anything that he encountered. Yet Fred has liberty to speak freely about all the things he witnessed during his supposed visit to Heaven. Is Fred greater than the apostle Paul?
    There is a huge flaw in your theory of Perry Stone being a necromancer. So,was Jesus also a necromancer? He spoke to the very dead Moses and the 'caught up ' Elijah on the Mount of transfiguration. Jesus said 'greater things will you do'. Is it so difficult to believe someone today could receive a message from Heaven in this way? Paul hinted at being caught up in the third heaven but did not go into detail, wisely so. Perhaps it was because the information received during those experiences would be too much for people to comprehend and they would end up trying to rationalise it with their puny human understanding. Focus on teaching Jesus and stop attacking ministers. If your main focus is merely to disprove other Christians consider that Satan is the accuser of the brethren. If these ministers are teaching heresy they will be judged. Concern yourself with teaching truth. God does not need you to defend His Kingdom, He needs you to be a harvester of souls.
    9:04 PM 06/21/13
    Jesus is the Lord of the spirits of the living and the dead and He can do whatever He wants with that which belongs to Him. You are taking Jesus' statement concerning "greater works" out of context. It is indeed difficult to believe that someone would receive a message from Heaven today. You allude to Paul but you forget that he said what he experienced was unlawful for a man to utter. Fred Stone, on the other hand, is able to speak with great detail about all the things he supposedly encountered.

    Focus on Jesus? Jesus repeatedly warned against false teachers and urged His disciples to beware of them (Matt. 7:13-21; Matt. 23). One of the most crucial and heartfelt ministries of the apostle Paul was to unceasingly warn the church, day and night and with tears, against false teachers who would rise up from within (Acts 20:28-31). Jude devoted the entirety of his epistle to false teachers. Peter also strictly warned against false teachers. Therefore according to you these apostles were satanic accusers and not focused on Christ. No, you are the one who is in error. You do not have a right understanding of who Jesus is, or His ministry, or His apostles' teachings. You also forget that the apostle Paul warned that just as Satan transforms himself as an angel of light, so also his ministers appear to be ministers of righteousness (2 Cor. 11:13-15).
    Abbey Ferguson
    Thank you for this info and citations. His family has joined our homeschool support group and while I would like to be amicable, I do not want anyone led astray by heretical teachings.
    9:31 PM 11/03/12
    John Wayne Raleigh
    I watched the video on youtube where Perry and his dad converse about Fred's visitation from a deceased friend. I am just assuming that all Fred's teachings are wrong, right? BTW, I go to a Church of God (Cleveland) denomination in Newport, Kentucky. This is the same denomination that Perry Stone is a member in, I think. I am familiar with the history of the Azusa Street Revival and the beginnings of the Pentecostal movement. I also am aware that the Cleveland, Tennessee based Church of God denomination's beginnings weren't related to the Azusa Street revival. I am wondering if I should find another church to go to or just sit at home and study?
    6:45 PM 10/26/12
    John, I would advise you to look for another church due to the flawed teaching of the "Church of God" denomination. Check out the church search resources on this page:

    At the same time, it is not good to continue in seclusion apart from a local church. Keep up the search. In the mean time, though, there is a biblically sound church whose live services you can watch on Sunday, whether the morning or evening service, here:

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